The Original Office Furniture

Let’s be honest, sometimes offices can be boring and uninspiring. If you’re in a job that requires creative ideas this is a situation you don’t want to find yourself in.

Generic office furniture is a grey desk, black chair, and white walls. How could colours from the one palette be motivational? When it comes to a board room and executive office furniture the problem is similar – a rectangular desk with ten-ish board room chairs around it where you’re expected to brainstorm. Well now things are changing. Offices and office furniture are becoming more relaxed allowing for constant creativity to flow in employees.

Co-working has risen in popularity in recent times however it means there is an issue when it comes to the office. How can you make it a team environment but still ensuring privacy?

What Is The New Board Room?

A solution to this has been pods.

Pods are group workstation office furniture where it is possible to sit down and brainstorm ideas and then return back to individual desks to continue working separately. They are a new idea that has emerged designed to help optimise team work specifically in an open office. They can also be used for having a relaxed coffee or chat – somewhere that most great ideas come from. The furniture itself helps to reduce wasted floor space making the office more efficient.

Pods are very economical, practical and fashionable. They are sometimes coloured upholstery and are comfortable like couches. As they are seated areas with tables the pods locations can easily be changed  unlike other office furniture which when placed somewhere it usually stays there. Computers, printers and cables make it too difficult a task to undertake unless necessary. As there is usually only one table within the pods it means there can be no clutter build up resulting in clear minds. Plenty of these pieces of furniture can be extended if the team grows so they are very cost efficient.

They come in many shapes and sizes. It is possible to get a cell pod – a glass/frosted wall room which doesn’t hinder the open space as you can see through it. Curved – positioned around a table. Brick shaped – square/rectangular all seats facing each other. Sometimes the open pods are called acoustic seating for informal meetings or just somewhere to work in peace. The high backs facing each other create a quiet pod type meeting area with upholstered sides and back panels helping to absorb travelling noise.

Numerous international corporations have installed this type of furniture. Although in these offices, as they are so large a board room is needed, it is there for constant brainstorming to take place. Google, Facebook, Three are just a few well known to implement this.

A new concept Softwall is a great way to flexibly partition a room. It’s made of paper with a felt core, and it doesn’t eat all the light in the room (if you go for the white one). It can be twisted into just about any shape or rolled up when you don’t need it and it dampens sound more than most room partitions. Plus it looks amazing!

It’s worth having a look into some of those options to shake up your office. There are plenty of other unique ideas that I haven’t mentioned today but there’s more than enough inspiration for you to look at and choose from.